"Inspect" inside the instruments

“EYEBOSCO”, ABIS inspection scope with full HD visualizes internal channels of instruments that have been impossible to see.

Visualize inside

Endoscopes always must be provided with excellent reprocessing to avoid cross-contamination. ” EYEBOSCO” makes it possible to see the internal channels of the endoscopes or other instruments with eyes that have been an impossible mission. EYEBOSCO will be used to provide Hospital visual confirmation that no sources of potentially infectious bacteria or bioburden remain in their instruments after using and after cleaning. It is also helpful to compare cleaning brushes for each working channel.
This system with a full HD camera and handy software helps to reduce the cause of high-cost maintenance, and the cleaning process goes to the next level by enabling direct visual inspection inside endoscopes.

2.0mm x 1.95m long flexible Full HD camera and a simple unit

EYEBOSCO provides a clear live image of 1920 x 1080 full HD at any section of internal channels.
2.0mm outer diameter x 1.9m long covers a wide range of sizes.

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2.0mm slim scope

2.0 mm scope covers a wide range of the GI scope sizes such as gastroscopes, colonoscopies, duedenoscopes, and the latest nasal scopes.

Flexible 1.95m body

1.95m long body covers the standard GI scopes length to pass their working channels with one pass, and its flexibility allows passing even at a tightly curved section.


The scope is waterproof. You can inspect without any stress about water, which is also beneficial for easy cleaning.


The scope is soakable and allows use while cleaning endoscopes or other instruments in soaking.

Easy to set

The inspection scope is just plug-n-play. The camera and the unit don't have any optional functionality to be complicated. Just plug it into the computer, then you will see the internal channel.

Sterrad/ETO available

Sterrad/ETO is available to disinfect the inspection scope. After inspection, reprocessing of the inspection scope and the endoscope is needed to avoid cross-contamination.

Simple Control Unit

ABIS inspection scope system is designed for easy use, and the settings for imaging are already optimized internally. Thus the control unit only has a few functionalities, such as a power switch, connection plug, and brightness control changer.

1920 x 1080 FULL HD

1920 X 1080 Full HD provides a clear viewing even in a dark internal channel.

Capturing image and video

If image capturing and video recording are needed, the viewer software is available for free. It only needs a Windows-based computer and USB 3.0 on it

HD Direct Viewer

Capturing Images

If you find any suspected place, capturing is available. Images will be stored in the specific folder automatically.


Recording the video is available. Just press the button, then the recording is started. Videos will be stored in the specific folder automatically.


You can play the videos / the images that you recorded here

Images and Videos directory

You can change the folder to store images and videos to any folder with any name to organize them.

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Discovers the internal channel damage early

The inspection scope discovers channel damage early to address before the issue becomes more harmful.

ABIS Infection scope aims to inspect the internal channels of endoscopes to improve the maintenance and cleaning process by enabling visualization of any soiled, wet or damaged areas that have been impossible to see. As a result, the ABIS Inspection scope reduces the risk of cross-contamination and helps to safeguard patients who undergo endoscopic procedures.






Helping to solve the problem

This video provided by YAO TOKUSHUKAI GENERAL HOSPITAL, Osaka, Japan, shows how the inspection scope helpful is to solve a problem. In this example, a clip was removed from the internal channel safely with seeing inside using the inspection scope when the endoscope sucked a clip accidentally.

Compare the Cleaning Brushes using EYEBOSCO

Identify the correct size brushes for cleaning endoscope channels properly.

Endoscopes have a variety of channel sizes. Therefore, choosing the correct size brushes for the internal channel is essential for cleaning the working channels properly. Furthermore, the brush form also influences the cleaning process efficacy.
You can compare which cleaning brush cleans channels more effectively by seeing how brushes work in the internal channels using EYEBOSCO.


Flexible Scope

Main Unit (CCU)


400 x 400 px


OD Distal tip

2mm ±0.05mm


Length distal tip

1950mm ±10mm


Handle diameter



Handle length



Length unbilical cable

2000mm ± 10mm


Output resolution


1920 x 1080

Frame rate



Output interface



Housing dimension(WxHxD)


150 X 60 X 215mm

Housing overcome front



Housing overcome rear






CE mark



Operating temperature

10-40 celsius

10-40 celsius

Power consumption



Power in



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